Painless Tumescent Infiltration

Jeffrey Klein MD shares his expertise in tumescent lidocaine local anesthesia of the abdomen, in 4 phases using a Klein peristaltic pump and monty infiltration cannulas.

Tumescent Technique – Pharmacokinetics

Dr. Klein talks about on tumescent pharmacokinetics and some of the issues of toxicity of lidocaine in tumescent local anesthesia.

Tumescent Local Anesthesia – Use of Adits for Tumescent Infiltration

Dr Jeffrey Klein explains the use of adits in tumescent infiltration for tumescent local anesthesia procedures.

Tumescent Local Local Anesthesia – Super Absorbent Pads

Dr. Klein talks about the use of super absorbent pads for post liposuction care after a tumescent liposuction surgical procedure.

Tumescent Local Anesthesia Detumescents

Dr Klein talks about the importance of detumescents when using tumescent local anesthesia in surgical procedures.

Formulation for Tumescent Local Anesthesia Solution

Dr Jeffrey Klein talks about the formulation for tumescent local anesthesia solution with lidocaine.

Tumescent Local Anesthesia for Other Surgical Applications

Dr. Klein speaks about the other applications for tumescent local anesthesia such as mastectomies, treating burn patients and dermatological surgery.

Tumescent Local Anesthesia – Devices used for Tumescent Local Infilitration

Dr Jeffrey Klein discusses the devices used for effective infiltration of tumescent local anesthesia including a peristaltic infiltration pump, infiltration tubing and infiltration cannulas.